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About Jacob

In 2011, while touring with Disney On Ice, Jacob became more serious about photography. Learning the basics from a friend who had been a passionate photographer for a number of years prior, Jacob then started spending countless hours playing with his Nikon DSLR camera to learn it inside and out. Since then, he has been working to master new techniques and document his world travels, and talented co-workers with professional photo and video equipment.

Over the past 13 years, Jacob has been to over 35 different countries around the globe and photographed a multitude of subjects. In March of 2020, Jacob found a new love within photography, in London Ontario, and has focused on Real Estate. Please contact Jacob if you have any questions or would like to schedule a photoshoot!

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Featured in Figure Skater Fitness Magazine

Summer 2020

Featured in Pro Skater Magazine
Jan/Feb 2023

Featured in galleries such as:

"Art of Photography" Exhibit in the Photo North Festival in Leeds, UK, 2024

"Photographer of the Year" Exhibit in the Coningsby Gallery in London, England, 2022

"Travel Photographer of the Year" Exhibit in the Sparks Gallery in San Diego, 2022

"Your Exhibition Shot" Exhibit in the Blank Wall Gallery in Athens, Greece, 2022

"Your Best Shot" Exhibit in the PH21 Gallery in Budapest, Hungary, 2021

"Photographer of the Year" Exhibit in the Agora Gallery in New York City, 2021

"Best of Black & White" in the BBA Gallery in Berlin, Germany, 2020

"My Exhibition Shot" at The Space, Vancouver, Canada, 2020

"Less is More" Exhibit in the Laurent Gallery in Melbourne, Australia, 2020

"Art of Black and White" Exhibit in the Valid World Hall in Barcelona, Spain, 2019

"Powerful Composition" Exhibit at the Qlick gallery in Amsterdam, 2019

Jacob Marsh

London Ontario Canada

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