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My First Wedding!

Wedding photography is something that I think looms over most photographers that are trying to make ends meat as a business. I am no different, I have been thinking about wedding photography for a couple of years now, trying to decide if it was something I wanted to presume or not. Finally, I am home at the right time of year, and made contact early enough with a friend of mine who needed a second shooter for not one, but 2 weddings! Yesterday was the first of them, and I was quite nervous leading up to it.

After getting through the getting ready portion by myself, I was confident and was with my friend and colleague who was the primary photographer for this wedding. She was able to give me some direction and made sure I was looking in the right direction for important events, such as the first look. We were able to work together, capturing certain moments from two different perspectives and with different focal lengths, in order to optimize on a short window of time.

The day was a great success, and I learned a TON while working with Cassie. I am excited to shoot another wedding and continue to learn more!

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